Its been a while...

So, I took some time away from the hustle and bustle. Although there still seems to be more than enough to do.
I wanted to to take a moment to look at the balance and the not-so-balance!
Making time to create, mixing in the social media needs and then just having time to live and do the things that make life extra special.
A year later and I still don't have the answers but I am doing things in a more relaxed way and definitely carving out time to actually be creative which is always my priority.

I have been developing new passions and skills. Have dived head first into the world of textiles. Quilting and embroidery, shibori and relief printing have all inspired new pieces and I am busy making a series of ten pillows that have the lyrics to my desert island discs embroidered onto them.
More a collection of memorable moments that I wanted to immortalise for myself.

Giant floor pillows, hand embroidered silk panels on tie dye denim.