THE FOLLOW COLLECTIVE is an LA-based design studio bringing Art to life with luxury interior and lifestyle goods.

  Fusing a modern aesthetic with a distinctly traditional and artisanal flavor we create instantly recognizable wallpapers, textiles and interior goods.

"Our priority is to create really beautiful pieces.
Products that are made with care and that tell a unique story."

THE FOLLOW is a lifestyle brand that embraces both traditional craftsmanship and modern design. 
Working with other artists and craftspeople we bring Art to life.


The Follow Collective was founded by British born artist and designer Bryony Shearmur as a way to bring all her projects under one roof and to create opportunity for like minded creatives and artists.


"I arrived in Los Angeles in 2001, armed with my trusty Nikon I immediately fell in love.
LA seduced me with its deserts and stars and, completely smitten, I set out to capture my new surroundings on film. 
Blue skies and oceans, jacaranda trees, cacti, Mullholland Drive at night and Little fluffy clouds, all there for the taking.

Using my photographic images as the basis for my designs I launched a line of limited edition silk scarves.
The pieces were a huge success and with THE FOLLOW I am expanding this concept to include
wallpapers, ceramics, home furnishings, bespoke pieces and photographic prints to adorn your walls and home"

In a world that moves at an accelerated pace and that is filled, to capacity, with disposable products, we represent an alternative. 
Stylish hand-crafted pieces you will treasure.


We are surrounded by talented people doing beautiful work in many fields.
We bring all these people together to collaborate and create limited-edition or one-off pieces.
We are using this platform to celebrate our fellow artists and their talents.
Now, more than ever, coming together to inspire and to be inspired is essential. 

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