Crazy Times...

We try to keep things bright and light over here and we are not given to evangelizing but for the last few weeks and as we get set to release our debut collection into the world we have had to ask ourselves a few questions. Namely, who are we as business women and what sort of legacy do we wish to leave behind?
We are in a business where being as conscious and green as we might like can be a challenge. We take photographs using film so there is the packaging and the chemicals associated with the processing. The flip side is that we are supporting the small store around the corner that carries the 4 x 5 film stock and of course we keep our local lab busy with the processing. We create textiles and wallpapers with state of the art digital printing processes. As artists we love that horizons have opened up, that we can grow our ideas and let our imaginations go's fun, but how do we do that responsibly?
When it came to packaging our products we made a decision not to use plastics. That has meant that some of the bigger stores won't accept our deliveries as it doesn't meet their requirements. It's a problem but something we feel strongly about, and something that we want to find a solution for.

I walk my dog everyday in the local park and have taken to carrying an extra bag which is full after only 10 minutes of cups and bottles and other discarded plastic containers. I have noticed it getting worse over the last year but all I can do is keep filling up my bag.
A friend sent me this documetary recently.
It's a little dramatic at times with big scary music and sound bites, but if you have some time it's full of good information.
Its almost impossible not to be a hypocrite living in the developed world in 2015 and as a small business owner it can be really hard knowing where and when to compromise most effectively. But we want to try.