Its been a while...

So, I took some time away from the hustle and bustle. Although there still seems to be more than enough to do.
I wanted to to take a moment to look at the balance and the not-so-balance!
Making time to create, mixing in the social media needs and then just having time to live and do the things that make life extra special.
A year later and I still don't have the answers but I am doing things in a more relaxed way and definitely carving out time to actually be creative which is always my priority.

I have been developing new passions and skills. Have dived head first into the world of textiles. Quilting and embroidery, shibori and relief printing have all inspired new pieces and I am busy making a series of ten pillows that have the lyrics to my desert island discs embroidered onto them.
More a collection of memorable moments that I wanted to immortalise for myself.

Giant floor pillows, hand embroidered silk panels on tie dye denim. 


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Time for something Sweet....

If you walk into our office you will be greeted by Dolby, our overly friendly puppy who will want to share all her worldly goods. Then take a moment to look around and you will notice little piles of found nature...on every surface there are feathers and leaves, pressed flowers, found pine cones and bowls of sticks that one day will become something amazing. I felt it was time to make some of these treasures into something more permanent and so the Really Beautiful Things collection of wallpapers was born. Our favorite feathers, a dried eucalyptus branch, a beautiful fallen stem saved from an over enthusiastic leaf peeper and then of course there's the water, which we cannot keep but it photographs so beautifully.

These samples and the rest of the collection will be available in summer.


Our newest print division "SNAP*LUXE" is bringing quality photographic prints to you for insider prices. Limited edition, signed and numbered prints, 
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A slightly overcast morning in Los Angeles, always my favorite. Lights and kettle on, tea, toast and a cosy morning in the office sending e mails and easing into the week. We have finally finished our 2016 catalog and the website is pretty much complete a few tweaks here and there which I hope you will forgive and accept and cheer when you see us evolve.

We are working on putting together an album for Snap*Luxe and all kinds of other lovely stuff.

For now we are just enjoying a little rainy weather.

#44 From SNAP*LUXE
16 x 20 Photographic Prints. Signed and numbered. Editions of 200. $198.00

Pretty in Pink.....

Can it really be that Spring is around the corner? The air certainly seems to think so and the cherry blossoms are already making the sidewalks blush. 
Over here at The Follow we are getting in the pink and have fallen in love with the pantone pink paint aka "Antoinette" so expect walls and furniture to be given a lick in the next few weeks!

Here's a little "Spring" board.

Inspired by the spring mood? Here are a few ideas for your own home.